Sunday, November 3, 2013

Girls XC Recap 11/2 (Regional Meets)

Hi it’s Oceane, here to recap this week’s results. The regional meets took place this weekend, and the top 10 individuals, along with the top 3 teams moved on to the state meet.

Region 1 and Region 4 were by far the fastest as region 4 had a total of 40 girls under 19 minutes, and region 1 had leading times in all 5 divisions.

Starting with 1A, Andrea Sanchez leads the 1A girls for the state title. She ran a time of 11:39 this weekend at the region 1 meet. Kelsey Warren and Kamie Haulfmann are ranked 2nd and 3rd, and ran times of 11:52 and 11:52.3 at the region 2 meet.

In 2A, Annie Dunlap’s got herself a pretty good lead of 36 seconds. She ran 10:55 at the region 3 meet, winning by over a minute. Kristaly Munoz from region 4 is ranked 2nd with a time of 11:31, still 28 seconds ahead of 3rd place, Liz Guerra. While it will be a battle for the 3rd spot, Annie Dunlap and Kristaly Munoz seem to have their spots secured.

3A will be fun to watch, as the top 4 girls are all within 4 seconds of each other. McKynzie King and Kelsie Warren both ran 11:28, followed by Sara Smith who ran 11:29, and Jazmine Garcia with 11:31.

Madie Boreman’s got herself a nice lead for the 4A girls. She won the state meet last year as a freshman with a time of 17:53, but she’ll have to run significantly faster than that if she wants to win again. Boreman won the region 4 4A meet with a time of 17:22, followed by Brittany Innis who ran 17:58. Devin Norton won the region 1 meet with a time of 17:49 and Natalie Rathjen won region 2 with 17:59. We have seen Rathjen run 17:34 and 17:38 this season, so she is still very much in the running for the state title.

Lastly, Devin Clark leads the 5A girls with an unbelievable time of 16:35. I asked Clark how she motivates herself to keep going when she can no longer continue, and she showed me some words of encouragement on her hands, which she writes as a reminder to keep fighting. Clark won the region 4 meet by just 1 second, as sophomore Paige Hofstad ran 16:36. Clark beat Hofstad by one second last week too, so no doubt we’ll be seeing them go head to head at state. Kellee McCann also ran a spectacular time of 17:13 at the region 1 meet, followed by Safiya Belbina (17:21) and Megan Montgomery (17:44). Others to watch are Morgan Szekely, Alex Cruz and Maddie McLellan.

That wraps up our preview of the state meet, and I would like to end this recap with an interview with Casey Garcia, the Ann Richards School first ever team captain. This was Casey’s last race, and she fights back tears as she reflects on her cross country experience. “I want them to keep getting better without me,” she says when asked about her team. “I just don’t want to be replaced. I know other good runners will come, but I know I don’t want to be replaced.”

The cross country season is coming to an end, but there’s still the most important meet of all next Saturday, so don’t miss the recap and interviews with the state champions! Thank you for watching Stride by Stride.

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