Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Track Recap 3/1-3/15

Hi this is Oceane, here to give you a recap of the past 3 weeks of track. Unfortunately I was unable to recap each week individually because I was busy with the SAT and out of town, so I’ve merged them all into one. Now that spring break has come to an end, the season is already about halfway over and times are getting faster and faster.
Starting with the 100, Talajah Murrell continues to hold the leading time of 11.64, though there are now 11 girls under 12 seconds. For the boys, Malik Wilson now has the fastest time of 10.41, and there are 12 boys earning the gold standard by running under 10.61.
Murrell’s 24.14 in the 200 is still the fastest time of the season, and Leon Powell took the leading spot for the boys with a time of 21.09.
For the girl’s 400, we had 2 girls meet the gold standard-Danyel White ran 55.16 and Aaliyah Miller ran 55.58. For the boys, Davente Lacy still has the fastest 400 time of 48.17 and Branden Sanders is second with 48.26. Sanders is from Converse Judson, a team currently dominating short distance events.
Moving onto the hurdles, Kiana Hawn now has the fastest 100m hurdles time of 13.64, followed by Alexis Duncan. In the 300m hurdles, Brooke Merrick has a big lead running 41.38, over one second faster than 2nd place.
In the boys 110m hurdles, Jalen Hunter still has the leading time of 13.81, and in the 300m hurdles, only one by has gone under 38 seconds to meet the gold standard; Anthony Robinson, with a time of 37.97.
Raevyn Rogers ran a 2:11 800-and if you think that’s fast, listen to this: Rogers ran 2:03 at the World Youth Championships last year, placing 3rd. We also got to see The Woodland’s Madi McLellan run the 800 in a time of 2:15.
Robert Ford leads the boys 800 with a time of 1:52.80, and ran a time of 1:52.04 at the New Balance Indoor Nationals.
Moving onto the longer distances, Julia Heymach still leads the girls 1600 with a time of 4:56.52, but only by a fraction. Right on her toes is Morgan Szekely, who beat out her teammate Paige Hofstad, also the 5A XC state champion. Hofstad still ran a very fast time of 4:57.28.
Zach Kirkland currently leads the boys 1600 with a time of 4:16.34, the only boy to meet the gold standard.
And finally, in the 3200, Madi McLellan still has the fastest time of 10:27, and following her is Madeleine Reed with a time of 10:35. She came out of nowhere-last year, her fastest mile time was 5:17, just about her mile split of her 3200. I was able to interview Gema Sanchez, the winner of the Lockhart Lions Invitational 1600 and 3200.
Austen Dalquist has a huge lead in the boys 3200 with an amazing time of 9:09, 10 seconds ahead of the 4A XC champion Carter Blunt.
Other notable runs-Julia Heymach and Evelyn Chavez placed 1st and 2nd in the 2 mile at the New Balance Indoor Nationals, running times of 10:39.4 and 10:39.7.

That was an eventful 3 weeks, I’m excited to see how Texas Relays plays out! The girl’s performance of the weeks goes to Raevyn Rogers for her 2:11 800, and the boys performance goes to Austen Dalquist for his 9:09 3200. That’s it for this week, thank you for watching Stride by Stride and be sure to tune in next week for some interviews from the South Austin Invitational.

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