Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Beginning of XC Season Overview (Boys)

5A Senior Frank Lara holds the leading time so far this season of 15:19, followed by Brad Dohner (5A senior) and Austen Dalquist (5A senior).

Meanwhile, the sophomores are taking over the top spots in 4A, with Carter Blunt ranked first (15:38) and Victor Pedraza ranked third (15:44). Second is senior Steven Galli with a time of 15:41.

The top freshmen in the state are Briggs Wittlake (16:16), Ian Estrada (16:35) and Matthew Melcher (16:49). Blunt and Pedraza are the top sophomores, and juniors include Caleb Hollifield, Pedro Nasta and Eli Canal (all from 5A).

At this point the state title could go to anyone; Lara is only 2 seconds ahead of Dohner and 6 ahead of Dalquist. Another contender is Connor Hendrickson, who was the top junior at the state meet last year. His fastest time this season is 15:39.

It is not often an underclassman wins a state title, but freshman Madie Boreman racked up two state titles and a runner-up title in 4A last year. Blunt and Pedraza will be fierce competitors this season, and Galli has steadily improved from year to year. As of now, the title could go to anyone.

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