Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beginning of XC Season Overview: High School Girls

The season started off with a bang when Natalie Rathjen (4A Senior) ran a 17:38 5k. That remains the fastest time to date, followed by 5A sophomore Paige Hofstad with 17:57 earlier today. Madi McLellan (5A senior) is the third girl to break the 18 minute barrier, running a 17:59.

Last year's 4A state champ was freshman Madie Boreman. Her season hasn't been her strongest so far, though she held off 5A senior Devin Clark, running an 18:13 5k. She placed second at Cedar Park today, unexpectedly losing to 4A Senior Brittany Innis. Brittany ran 18:26, moving her up to the second spot in 4A Region 4.

Some noticeable freshman are Julia Heymach, running a time of 18:38 and Alexis McKennon whom I've raced a couple times this season, running a 19:12 5k. So far there are no Madie Boremans, but it is still early in the season.

As for the sophomores, Hofstad currently has the fastest time followed by Boreman. The sophomores are dominating the 4A region 4 at this point; Boreman leads the way, followed by Krysta Martinez who ran 18:59, Caylon McMillan who had an exceptional year last year and Gema Sanchez.

The leading junior is Megan Montgomery, with Devin Clark trailing right behind her. Both girls have times of low 18s.

Clearly the seniors are racking up the top rankings, with Rathjen, McLellan, Innis and many more. Will the girls live up to Sandie Raines, Arin Rice and Jessica Prickett's incredible senior season?

My prediction for the 5A state championship is Hofstad, who placed 4th last year as a freshman. As for 4A, Boreman will need to improve greatly if she wants to defend her state title, because Rathjen's time is 45 seconds faster. Of course it is still the start of the season and there is still much room for improvement. Check out my overview on youtube at

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